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Engine reconditioning you can trust

If you rely on your vehicle for work or family commitments, then one of your top priorities would be reliability. If your workhorse or people mover is starting to show signs of its age, then Papakura Engine Specialists Ltd is here to help. Give us a call in Auckland and speak to one of our team about our engine reconditioning services today.

Our services for all engines and motorsports.

  • All cylinder head repairs and machining .
  • cylinder head and block pressure testing.
  • Crack testing of all heads, blocks cranks,cams,con rods and all other metal parts
  • Multi angle valve and seat machining ,chamber desroudin and bowl reshaping.
  • Cylinder head porting and polishing.
  • Resurfacing of heads ,blocks and any other parts.
  • Block boring and honing including torque plate honing.
  • Crankshaft ,pistons,conrods,flywheels,flex plate and pressure plate balancing.
  • Camshaft ,crankshaft and camfollower grinding.
  • Camshafts dialed in, camshafts identified using Computer CamPro.
  • Engine block align boring and honing of main tunnels.
  • Conrod resizing and aligning. New rod bolts fitted.Conrod lightening.
  • Gudgeon bush replacment and honing. Custom bushs made.
  • Piston valve pocket machining.Piston lightening.
  • All custom machine work.Heli coils fitted.Broken bolts and studs removed.
  • Engine blue printing.
Engine reconditioning, engine exchange, blowing smoke, burning oil, problem

Fast turnaround

Papakura Engine Specialists Ltd prides itself on a quick turn around time, meaning that you'll get back on the road or track as soon as possible.

Keep your work,private or race vehicle in top working order with Papakura Engine Specialists Ltd. We service mainly south Auckland, but also all of New Zealand.
Engine reconditioning, engine exchange, blowing smoke, burning oil, problem

Long-lasting proven results

Our engine reconditioning and machining services in Auckland come with an expectation of longevity and all labour is warrantied. (conditions may apply.)

  • Cylinder boring, head servicing, head porting & flow testing
  • Crank grinding & shaft balancing
  • Line boring & honing
  • Torque plate honing
  • Rod resizing, aligning & straightening
  • Crack testing & repairs
  • Sonic checking
  • Alloy & cast iron repairs
Engine reconditioning, engine exchange, blowing smoke, burning oil, problem

Engine reconditioning

Our primary service is engine reconditioning and machining services.

When your vehicle's engine gets worn or needs upgrading a reconditioned or rebuilt engine is the best way to get years more quality service from it.

We employ a number of methods at our Auckland workshop including machining, bead blasting, grinding and milling to return your older engine components to a fully functional, as-new condition.
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